Peer Review

  1. How long is the piece? Are there at least 3-4 (or more) paragraphs so that the author gets into some depth on the topic?
  2. What questions about the topic or issues do you have after reading the piece? In other words, what else would you like to know about this subject? What could help the author to think about expanding the article? What most grabs your interest, what would make it more interesting?
  3. Does the article incorporate evolutionary and biological vocabulary and attempts at examining the topic from this point of view? Look at the site author’s vocabulary list.
  4. How much hyperlinking to other sources is in the piece? How many sources were used? What keywords should the author use to search for additional sources? (consider question 2).
  5. Ask your classmate if they used any fact-checking skills when they were finding sources. Did any of the sources seem questionable?